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I've removed the last few posts, partly to keep this a purely youtube thread, and partly as a decision has been made about content being here and it's a final decision, at least for now, it doesn't need to be questioned. For the removal of all doubt, we as mods/admin aren't here to police youtube channels apart from specific videos which are posted, so follow all channel links with caution, and if a channel contains NSFW/adult content then use the report button to flag it up, as that is definitely not appropriate :)


Esquire the 5th
Ok now I'm in the know I'll address the situation if Somer allows and leave it at that the roles of this website has been for the love of fireworks and anyone who knows me and knows me from when it was tfsl knows the time and effort and safety i put into pyro now you may not agree with certain items but I have never posted them on here nor will I ever unless its general uk pyro

To further address All though I see no reason as to why i should im a collector of fireworks i have old spec air bombs plasma butts and banshee rockets alongside what you will have seen in a video around 90% of thst is getting added to my personal collection

You mate not agree with them but that's free will and opinions we are entitled to it the long and short of it is its YouTube theres worse problems out there than people have collector items you deem are inappropriate

If you feel strongly about it I encourage you to message me I won't be rude ill explain the situation fully

Sorry @Somersetpyro for whatever hastle it caused as I missed it I just want my end put accross before people judge especially when ive been here since day 1