Your Towns Tree

Post in here any pictures from your local towns Christmas tree :)

This is the effort in Taunton town centre, rather poor imo, rather too short and it has some large holes. It's been decorated pretty well though



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It does seem rather short, but I dont think its a bad tree to be fair!

Liverpool has the big metal tree in Liverpool One again, plus I persume the real tree is up in Church street, its supposed to be a 17m tree this year and is being switched on on the 1st.
Unfortunatly no pics as of yet as I try to avoid town as it is extremly busy! But il pop around for a look soon.t

We also have one thats just gone up in our local small village, its pretty big, probably the same as above, but it only arrived yesterday so doesnt have any lights on it yet.


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Saw ours today and it looks awful. Worst Christmas tree of 2016 contender for sure! We normally have a half decent looking tree but this one is by far the worst one we have had. Looks like they have reused last years :rofl:
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Wow that is bad :|

Had a peak at Liverpools main one yesterday while driving, it looks spot on perfect shape, cannot wait to get a pic on once its all lit up.