Your best Firework stash


Esquire the 5th
Something different for everyone

Your best fireworks stash which ever year you have been able to buy from old new it doesnt matter as long as the contents yours

i will also be judging on this and winner shall receive one rep point in return

2 if i feel pretty oh so pretty (anger managements ontv)

i will exclude myself out of this of course


Sovereign the 6th
I loved this stash! I have many others but not any better pictures than the this one...


Esquire the 4th
Rich said:
Nice vlad. I spy the good old firestorm box there.
I'm looking forward to firing it mate....the reviews I've read all seem to be good and it only cost £27 which is the cheapest I've seen it anywhere online.

A couple of pieces in it are a bit on the light side but I'm sure it's still worth the money though.

I noticed you had it last year...what did you think of it?


Esquire the 2nd
Indeed I did. Yeah it's a good box for filling gaps between your bigger stuff. Fair few fountains though so don't light it one after another otherwise you'll get bored lol. Some of those lighter pieces may surprise you though :D

I might get one again this year to pack out my bigger stuff too. For £27 you'll probably struggle to find something to match it.


Esquire the 4th
Cheers mate.... i was thinking that and the Brothers SOS box i have should be more than enough fountains for my needs.

I was thinking about maybe setting off a couple of the smaller cakes in the pack together with something else just to see what occurs's all trial and error as I've never had it before.