Yet another firework fanatic!


Peasant the 2nd
Hello guys and girls,

A few of you may recognise my forum name from the UKFR forums. I have always been into fireworks and as a kid would do all I could to be able to buy boxes upon boxes of pyro. In my youth I purchased fireworks from shops within walking distance but even so amassed BrightStar, Standard, Astra, Cosmic, Panda, Golden Lion, Red Dragon, Black Cat and so on. I used to enjoy collecting the pieces almost as much as i did firing them! Once I could drive, (And had more cash), I would travel further afield picking up an even more varied selection to include Men Shun, Cube, Kimbolton, Hallmark and others. I then drifted away from fireworks to focus on work and home life until I got the bug back a few years ago. Only recently I stumbled across the dedicated forums and came to learn that my 'unhealthy obsession' is in fact pretty normal, (Or at least shared by others)! Since stumbling across the forums I have had my eyes opened and discovered premium brands such as Celtic, Primed, Jorge, Brothers, Klasek etc, etc and I must say it has fueled my interest to new heights, ... I am now more than ever a self-confessed firework fanatic!