Wobbly or loose spikes on ice fountains (an easy fix)

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Feb 13, 2013
If you have bought indoor F1 ice-fountains and you find that the spiked base is wobbly or loose, put a good daub of superglue on the plastic spike base and insert the bottom of the ice-fountain into it, and allow it to set until firm until it is at no risk of being loose

When you put it into a dessert or cake, you shouldn't have problems removing the whole firework from it when it is finished, and the usual problem of the plastic spike base coming free and being stuck in (as sometimes happens) will not happen.

When these things in China are manufactured, they sometimes use a very poor glue, that leads to the plastic spike base coming loose or wobbly.

The same technique could also be used too on outdoor firework F2 / F3 shot tubes with wobbly or loose plastic spike bases, if you also face similar problem with these.