Willowbrook Garden Centre Christmas 2014

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Dec 16, 2013
Willowbrook is a lovely garden centre, nice Cafe to get a drink or lunch, and the staff are very friendly indeed. As for the christmas offerings this year, they are stocking a much smaller range than Blackdown, which is just 100 yrds away, but they have much more reasonable prices. All their (small) range of lights is very good vfm, as is the few artificial trees. They do stock cut real trees as well, but they are not yet in stock. I would advise trying here first for your christmas decs, then going to blackdown if you cannot find what you're looking for :)
Great place, very friendly, nice atmosphere to it and nice prices too. And of course, a nice cake in the tearoom after doing the shopping ;)

This garden centre is on the A38 just off of J26 of the M5, Taunton-bound

PLEASE NOTE: If you are accessing the garden centre from Wellington/M5, be aware that the road floods frequently after heavy rain on the corner just before the entrance to the garden centre. The road is usually passable, but can be challenging when the road is busy
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