Who Remembers What There First Halloween Costume Was?


Sovereign the 6th
Now this made me think, I used black bin bags over body, and a face mask with plastic band to hold it in place. And a simple spar shop bag to hold loot in. Although back then it used to be more money then sweets.


ST Typo of the Year 2018 Winner!
Oooh I do! Remember very clearly (photos help lol) my mum's black blouse (came to my knees) cheap plastic witch hat from the sweet shop. Mums green eyeshadow as blusher and her red lippy. I made a pet spider which hung from my wrist (literally a ball of embroidery thread, tied with the loose bits hanging down as 'legs' lol). Would have been about 4. My dad carried me barefoot round the corner to my grandparents to trick or treat them :)