Which firework shop do you recommend?


Sovereign the 6th
Which firework shop do you recommend, and why. Only seasonal shops, only recommend if you have bought from them in the past year. Give details on your experience.


Noble the 1st
In portsmouth, there's a seasonal shop which opens from about 15th October-10th November. It's never in the same place each year but if you drive around you'll find it. This year they sold:
~ Air Hawks £13 a pack or 2 for £20
~ Men Shun Thunderation (thunder bomb) £40
~ Bright star imperial selection box. £50
~ Esco Air Assault Crate £250
~ Bright Star Armageddon £40 or 2 for £70
~ Men shun total devastation Rockets £50 for pack of 5
~ Men Shun Battle Zone 3 barrage pack £50 (rrp £125)
They had tons of other pyro from Cosmic, Bright Star, new Men Shun range and the odd few from Bulldog and panda fireworks.
Everything is usually half rrp and you can usually have a deal on that! There really friendly and run by the family! I'd recommend coming to Portsmouth just for that but come about the 1st November.