what's your general small display setup/ firing order?

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Noble the 2nd
Oct 11, 2012
what's your general small display layout/ firing order?
just keen to get a few ideas as i always do the same sort of thing:
*audience at front right :party
*rockets at the back (biggest rockets at back left, smallest at right)
*cakes/ SIB's in front (Biggest left, smallest right)
fan of candles/ shot tubes :fightime in next row (facing audience)
*mines in centre front, fountains :flamethrower front right and wheels/ set pieces front right.
*bonfire/ incinerator just to the right of the audience

just thought about doing something slightly different this year but am stuck for ideas tbh :-/


Royal Knight the 5th
Feb 13, 2013
I generally put fountains wheels mines and smaller less powerful stuff near the front, bigger cakes and barrages in the middle and rockets at the back as a rule.

I also base the display on wind direction so that the wind is blowing towards the fireworks which means smoke and fallout land safely at the rear of the display and NOT fall on top of, and blow towards, the audience;it's a good safety step and MOST IMPORTANT. :)

Fountains mines roman candles first then cakes in order of size then rockets in order of size ending with my biggest fired in volleys for a thunderous end!;)


Noble the 2nd
Oct 11, 2012
since i live in the sticks as such i can use the local farmer/ close family friends small grass field for a personal family/ friends bfn party so i have many options, but it's about 40m long and 20m wide so i have to have the pyro at one end and the audience at the other, up to the middle. it might be difficult with the 25m stuff if i have to have it <20m from the audience (across the field rather than along it) due to smoke etc. the debris usually land in the spinney/ wood further up the field. it can be a tricky space to use with wind tbh.
but is usually fine.

the lawn garden is about 15m long and 10m wide though so if i have nothing above 10/15m i just use there, (the field is over the back fence which is where all of the fallout is aimed/ goes). the fences/ walls provide shelter from the wind as well.

i tend to space the rockets 3 feet apart, in row(smallest to biggest), the barrages are then about 3 feet in front and are also spaced approx 3 feet apart, in separate wheelbarrows (unless firing more than one at once) and the row of barrages is staggered from the rockets, the candles/shot tubes (usually in a fan) always go about 3 feet in front of the cakes in line with the rockets (therefore staggered from the cakes) and finally all ground fireworks are set out in front row about 3 feet in front of candles/ single shots, also staggered to stop any burning firework wrapping/ sparks lighting other fireworks.
blabla sleepy
As you an tell it's quite repetitive and i have done the same layout since i helped my dad as a kid when he used to do all of the pyro in the garden.
just need a few new ideas i think. fancy a change :p