Whats on your Firework shopping list?


Baronet the 2nd
What Fireworks are on your Firework shopping list this year? What fireworks have you already got?

Share your list here.
my wishlist. Cosmic stuff,, Death star rockets,, Galactic finale,, star wars,, astral raider.,coloured flares.
absolute fireworks klondyke barrage pack.
Bright star ghouls party fountain pack.
brothers magical palms and perhaps a fire one and or Hercules.
Whatever else I find local that takes my fancy. Perhaps I should try and swap my space barrage pack with something else with less crackle in it!
I have made a preliminary list already and there are some great deals about already,some of the new Bright Star stuff looks good especially the Thunder Bolt and Proton Bomb Extreme,judging by the videos they are really loud!,i will be getting things from Brothers,Weco,Cosmic,Jonathan's,Kimbolton,Menshun,Total FX,Absolute and anything else i see that i fancy,there is so much choice now!
going for a conspiracy pack from epic to start with a tornado express and a couple more thunderous finale to finish of.. bigger one for new year hopefully .. will beg Ju.


Wizard the 2nd
Just finished picking my stash from galactic the other day and will be receiving it tomorrow just going to pick up a few lidl selection boxes and my stash is complete a rather small display this year but didn't want to over spend.

1 Galactic Magic Stars pack £279.99

1 Mars Pyrotechnics Godfather Pack £195.00

8 packs of War Hawks £120
2 Galactic High Voltage £20! yes £20 for both lol.
1 Missile cake £8.99

Oh and a Diamond Mine :p

Total £695 with galactics discounts and offers only paid £580 so im one happy guy :)

If you have a decent budget dont even pass up the chance of getting some Godfathers if i had the budget i would get 2 or even 3 packs lol.

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Esquire the 4th
I just found out a model toy shop not far from me will be selling Bright Star this year so i hope to pick up a couple of things depending on their prices. I quite fancy one of them Proton Bombs and a Battle of Midway if they have them.


Esquire the 2nd
Here is my list but I also need to add some tbc items Which I can't make my mind up on lol! Rockets mainly hmmmmm....

Air boss 38 shot
Atomic tonado 90 shot
Chemical x, 33 shot
Crescendo 105 shot
Dr thrust 25 shot
Galaxian 150 shot
Heavy duty 64 shot
King cobra 25 shot
Screaming spiders 100 shot
Shack attack 400. Shot
Thunderous finale 80 shot
Smiley face rocket x 1
Echo bombs pack x 1


Sovereign the 6th
lol try my list Rich..

Professional Rocket Box 3 x 1
Professional Rocket Box 2 x 1
Screaming Spiders 100 Shot x 2
Supercharged 100 Shot x 1
4 Cue Firing System x 1
Sky Thriller x 2
Echo Bomb x 1
Draco x 1
Guy Fawkes x 1
Heat Seeker x 1
Mega x 1
Space Blaster x 1
Thunder Blast x 1
Supreme x 1