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What Was The Best Horror Film You Recently Watched?

Discussion in 'Halloween Chat And Discussion' started by gaz, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. ravon Administrator


    Noble the 3rd

    I like to keep it interesting 4 u :p
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  2. FireworksDude86


    Noble the 3rd

    There's been a few because I have been watching quite a lot on the Horror tv channel. Too many to name but on that channel the films vary from those jump scare horrors, sci fi, gore (80's blatantly fake to modern day cgi gore) to more thrillers with plenty of plot twists.

    Some of the most notable from sort of recently:

    The devils rejects (Rob zombie film. Filled with gore and nudity but very good film)

    Stitches (2012) (Clown film featuring comedian Ross Noble. Kids accidentally kill their birthday clown, he comes back for revenge from the
    grave when the kids are older)

    Videodrome (A very weird 80's film. It's 1 of those films where weird stuff happens and sort of does but also doesn't make sense. Great special effects for the time)

    Static (2012) (Amazing film not many would have heard of. I can't give too much away but it's kind of a horror thriller that is also very clever and surprising)
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  3. AnthonyUKpyro


    Wizard the 3rd

    My favourites are :

    The Exorcist (your mother sucks c.o.cks in hell! great tagline, and superb musical soundtrack Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield)

    Michael Jackson's Thriller (always a good Halloween watch, superb ugly looking choreography dancing and music plus frighteningly gory shots of Michael Jackson morphing into a werewolf at the first sight of the moon)

    Michael Jackson's Ghosts (another great movie too)

    Halloween (fantastic!)

    and The Omen Trilogy of films (which I have on a BluRay box set, digitally remastered for HD with crisp clean picture quality and superb 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound to go with it). ;)
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  4. ravon Administrator


    Noble the 3rd

    some great films guys :)
  5. Somersetpyro Moderator


    Sovereign the 6th

    Me and the gf just watched insideous 3... reminded me why I don’t watch horror movies lol
  6. zephieish Moderator


    Wizard the 1st

    We watched Scream and then Scary Movie 1 for a laugh last night :)
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  7. Alexs21


    Wizard the 3rd

    Love scream, watched it last year on Halloween :)