What Was The Best Horror Film You Recently Watched?


Sovereign the 4th
I like my horrors, and my favourite is sinister and The Fourth Kind, it takes a lot in a horror to get me scared. So what is yours?


Sovereign the 7th
I don't really like horrors, and haven't watched many of them but the best one i have watched was 6th Sense
and @Gaz you typo'd, but see if you can spot where! :p


Royal Knight the 5th
I'm not a big horror movie fan tbh as i think they're a bit naff but i do remember watching The Birds when i was a laddie and thinking to myself "na i'm not watching this anymore" lol


Sovereign the 7th
I'm really not a fan of horror but i watched one called You're Next last month, wasn't scary just gory really. Tried to persuade the gf to go see the new Ouija film. She said no :D


Esquire the 2nd
Most horror films rely on what you don't see or briefly see.. for me as soon as you see whatever is causing things to happen, then it becomes a comedy.

The same is true of Derren Brown's ghost train, what a waste of my time. lame at best.