What Does Your Town Do For Christmas?

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Baronet the 2nd
Oct 13, 2012
Under Starry Skies
I was just wondering what everyone's Town/City/village does for Christmas?

At Christmas Grimsby changes a lot. It gives me a very warm feeling walking through the shopping centre. Everyone just seems to be in a really good mood around Christmas. I love seeing the Christmas lights around town. They have been there every year since I was little.

Grimsby is a fishing town. We used to have the largest and busiest fishing and trading ports in the world. If you have had fish from Youngs, Findus or The saucy fish co, Grimsby is where all 3 of these company's are based. We have very strong connections with Norway. Since world war 2, a place called sortland sends us a massive christmas tree which is placed just outside town centre (Freshney place).

We also have a massive artificial tree that get placed in town. Its good for the little ones because there is a Santas grotto and lots of people dressed as elves. :)

Freshney place also does a late night shopping event every Thursday in the run up to Christmas. It opens until 8PM. All buses going into town is free for the late night shopping days and also parking in town is free.

Anyway I will stop typing now. I want to hear from you :D santadance:
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Royal Knight the 4th
Oct 15, 2013
We also have a late night shopping on Thursdays, we have wonderful lights too!
We dont have any offers on buses/trains though sadly!

They have events on thursdays leading upto christmas tho such as real reindeer etc:)
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