What are these called?

Hi Meteor I believe they are called Girandolas? (spelling mistake probably) Illegal in the UK as they are classed as having an 'erratic flight' but I believe you can get them in the US and obviously China and other places...


Esquire the 5th
girandolas illegal to use and posses here as GF have stated above they have eratic flight and 3 stages of said flight to go wrong quick look on youtube will show you why


Noble the 3rd
Aww, would of loved one of these in my garden, haha. Although they do look unstable and could go flying off course, so on second thoughts.. :D.
Thanks ;)


Esquire the 5th
looking into this a bit more the pyroguild usa tried this at a meet and they had the guy who made the aforementioned girondola and well they failed badly as they basically went all over the place not one flew up str8