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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Here are you new Permissions, Please use them wisely. and not for granted. :)

Here are your allowed privileges.

View node:
View user profiles:

Edit profile:
Edit custom title:
Follow message moderation rules:
Bypass flood check:
Report content:
View threads by others:
View thread content:
Like posts:
Post new thread:
Post replies:
Delete thread by self:
Delete post by self:
Edit post by self:
Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes): Unlimited
Edit thread title by self (requires edit own post):
View attachments to posts:
Upload attachments to posts:
Vote on polls:
See who are viewing threads:
Stick / unstick thread:
Maximum large avatar file size (bytes): Unlimited
Start personal conversations:
Upload attachments to personal conversations:
Always invite participants to conversations:

Signature Permissions
Edit signature:
Allow basic text formatting (bold, italic, etc):
Allow extended text formatting (color, font, size):
Allow alignment changes:
Allow lists:
Allow links:
Allow images:
Allow embedded media:
Allow block tags (code, quote, etc):
Maximum printable characters: Unlimited
Maximum lines: 2
Maximum links: 2
Maximum images: 2
Maximum smilies: 4
Maximum text size (1 - 7): Unlimited

View profile posts:
Like profile posts:
Manage profile posts on own profile:
Post new profile posts:
Delete profile posts by self:
Edit profile posts by self:
Delete profile posts by anyone:
View deleted profile posts:
Undelete profile posts:

View shout messages:
Post shout messages:
Edit/Delete own shout messages:

Can Post Events
Can RSVP for Events:

Remember these are more superior to the register status, and any of these are abused you will be demoted to register only.

You have these new permissions, because you have made over 170 post's you are the Fireworks Guardians
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