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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
I would first like to welcome you to the new seasonal traditions firework review section! This review section covers not only retail shop to consumers, But also supermarkets fireworks. This shiny new section has many new and improved features - for easy access.

The new review section is literally open to everyone to upload video or share their opinions on the various fireworks that are on the market and previously been on market. On that note, This means we are welcoming old and new fireworks from any years, We are also welcoming retailers to upload videos of there products. Giving seasonal traditions member's a chance to comment with their own views of the performance, and likes and dislikes.

Seasonal Traditions is trying to build a huge consumer database of all fireworks known on the market.

Please Note: Seasonal Traditions is a independent website away from retailers influence needs and wants. Our aim is to give the consumer enough information on Best buys and what to avoid and at the same time giving piece and mind in buying products.

How to work firework reviews.

Simple as chips. The review sections breaks down to category, each categories have the products assigned to them. Such as rockets category will have all rocket products showing. With in next to there name, you will have the options to filter out the manufacturer thus giving only the choice of rockets from the chosen manufacturers.

Each product in question will have all the necessary details for the public, the consumers to comment with there own opinions of that product.

With this new section we have allowed any members to start a new thread, all though we ask that you start a thread for a given firework if you have the essential information, such as: The classification, Name, its rough price guide and the video You can use any video urls such as youtube facebook vimeo ect these then can be embedded into the product post.

Keep it relevant

Given the fact i allow free speech, and alot of member's have strong opinions on items. Could i ask you all keep it relevant to the product. If you are a retailer don't post customer testimonials - these will get deleted. and please don't use the review section for dislikes, as if you don't like it doesn't mean the other don't.

Full Forum rules apply to this new section, If you wish to know more the rules for reviewing can be found here:

Firework retailers and Trade:

This is your chance to show case a product or two. This is a good chance to get your products online and to get feedback from consumers.

We accept any retailers, But this isnt the place to spam the hell out of your products, If you wish to sell stuff to the consumer we have a site sponsor section for you to post your great deals for the general public.

All thread are subjected to be moderated at any time if these product threads do not agree with house rules.
Not open for further replies.