We Are Seeking 2 New Moderators

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Here is your chance to become a Moderator on our Network forums, Firework Forum , Halloween Forum, Christmas Forum .

This a great opportunity to join a well looked after growing community. Grab this with both hands.

What are you expected as a moderator, As with any Mod role, on a forum you would be required to help fish out spammers, ban bots, ect. Remove any post that don't fit with the forum rules, you will be required to get the community talking on the forums and as well on chat, and help contribute fresh ideas.

As you become a moderator you will have new insights to how we run things on the network, you will find out about new changes before anyone else, you will have a new shiny title. on the board. and across the network.

So How do you get this awesome role:

You will need to refer as many people as you can rules below. You will find your referral link in Your Account Summary across all forums CP.

  1. You must have made at least 30 posts on anyone or multiple of the network forums.
  2. You must have an id on each forum (pref same name across all forums)
  3. You must recruit new members to any of the forums, join more than one will count as more than one.
  4. No multiples made but anyone will count, if we detect any entrants will be disqualified.
  5. To count as a valid member of a forum, the new user should make at least 1 contribution/post on any forum they have joined therefore if they have joined all 3 forums they must post on each forum for each account to be consider valid.
  6. Recruitment can be made via any platform i.e. social media but we will not tolerate spamming on other websites/forums to recruit new members.
  7. A new member must identified your user id at the time of registering. this can be done easily on the reg form or by obtaining the referrer link on your profile.
  8. The winner is the person who has the most new referred members across all sites by the closing date (19/12/2012)
  9. In the event of a tie the winners will be decided by who has the most new users sign up to the Christmas shop list forum
  10. Second tie breaker, the winner will be the one who has the most users with the most posts.


Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Can I just add that if you are enterting - that you say so on this post so we know who we need to look for :D