Very Large Hand Held Sparklers-will We Ever See These In The Uk Under The Ce Regs?

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Feb 13, 2013
I've noticed in Europe sparklers available over 18" long composition wise up to 39" length composition wise, with the new EC standard will we ever see anything over 18" sparkler size in the United Kingdom? In the mid 90's Standard was very daring indeed by launching a rebranded Vulcan packet of 6 39" gold sparklers as Gold Mammoth Sparklers under a Category 3 Display Fireworks Non Hand Held Sparklers rating-you needed to mount these to a post light the top and retire 25 metres away but I was very curious indeed to see what would happen if you held them in your hand. I just lit one and held it, like a normal hand-held sparkler at arm's length, and it didn't hurt me at all, they have a MASSIVE handle. I just treated these things like a normal handheld sparkler and there was no apparent danger to me in holding them at all. I don't see why these couldn't make a return again to the UK under the new CE regs. The restrictions are starting to loosen up the power variety and performance limits in fireworks where we consumers can enjoy better stuff once again so why not? ;)
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