Useful tip for Celtic Hong Kong Roman Candles

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Feb 13, 2013
If you're using Celtic Hong Kong Roman Candles in a display, and you get the impression, after peeling off the orange fuse protector, that there's no fuse (I've done it today!), then don't be fooled by this.

Don't think the firework is useless and throw it on a bonfire or a firepit or a brazier, wrongfully thinking it's been deliberately manufactured that way without a fuse, as it would fling out stars dangerously at people nearby causing possible burns or injury.

Look carefully at the top and you'll find that the green visco fuse is buried under red cellophane at the top of the firework, gently break the red cellophane top, and you'll find it, it's buried inside the candle just under the top, gently unravel the green visco with your fingers, and bring out of the top of the fuse for lighting purposes.
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