Useful safety tip for Gemstone 7-Shot Luxury Palm barrage(s) included in Gemstone Fireworks selection boxes

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Feb 13, 2013
Just a cautionary safety step, if you are using the stabilisation flaps included on the base of the Gemstone Fireworks 7-Shot Luxury Palm Barrages that may be included in your Gemstone Fireworks selection box, and you are merely depending on these, you might want to consider placing two housebricks at each side of them, sitting on those flaps, and I'll explain the reason(s) why :

In November this year, I had two of these go bonkers while firing and flip over, even though the stabilisation flaps on the base of the barrages were fully unfolded and used on a hard solid level flat sturdy surface, and it can be a rather frightening occurence when it happens.

If they do go unstable, despite the flaps being fully unravelled and unfolded, as followed in the instructions, and are merely placed on a flat level sturdy solid surface with no additional means of securing them, then they may -

a) either flip back'n'forth uncontrollably,

OR b) fall over completely, dangerously shooting golden palm bursts to the left, right, ahead or backward, possibly in your direction.

If this happens and you happen to have suitable PPE on as I did, i.e. hard hat and goggles on, you may be OK.

The problem is, using the stabilisation flaps alone on the base of the firework and merely relying on them, may not be enough to adequately secure these fireworks, and securing them just a little more by placing two full housebricks, or two half housebricks over those flaps on a level surface will add a little more security and stability when using these fireworks.


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Nov 4, 2017
Good work Ant. I've found the same before with little (weco, i think?) cakes with those bases. The base is a good start, and more than many casual buyers would think of. But yeah, they lend themselves brilliantly to a couple of bricks. Easy, and safe. Exactly what you want
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