Unique Ice Fountains - Pack Of 3


Royal Knight the 1st


Pack of 3xCE Cat 1 Fountain (suitable for indoor use)
ASDA £2.50
Safety distance 1 metre
NEC per fountain 3g each (total pack NEC 9g)

This pack of 3 ice fountains is ideal for parties weddings and anywhere you want a nice bit of indoor pyro to accompany a cake or dessert. 30 secs approx burn time is the quoted duration on the pack instruction card, and there's two silver ones and a gold one, not sure what difference that will make, whether the two silver ones produce brilliant silver sparks, and the gold ice fountain produces a golden shower of sparks (if it does, that WILL be interesting indeed!). They look decent enough and to get three for £2.50 is a bargain indeed, let's hope the performance is as good as the price ;) A video will be forthcoming when I get time to do it.