Uk Tesco Christmas Baubles & Bauble Packs 2014

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Tesco mammoth range of Christmas Baubles & Bauble Packs for 2014 some nice offers 3 for 2 on single Baubles, and the famous clubcard boost you Christmas. Cheapest Tesco Mini Baubles Silver, 25 Pack is £2.00 while the expensive range is Mark Slojd Raufoss Christmas Decoration Light for £34.00. Remember to let us know what you buy on the seasonal forum.

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Yes, hence why there are forums around, that try grabbing these people and show them what they could be buying instead of being disappointed


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Some of them are expensive!

Most weve paid is around £5 for a Harrods one last year. Also picked up one from Florida (glass disney themed one) earlier this year which im looking forward to adding to the tree :)
we break at least one glass bauble every year, you have to be very careful with them, especilly when getting the decoration boxes down from the loft, you need to pack them so the baubles can't be crushed
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