Truth or dare?


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Here I thought we could play a classic game of truth or dare tag the person you want to answer. Please keep question and dares family friendly I.e for dare post a selfie of yourself pulling a silly face... I will go first with @Somersetpyro truth or dare?
I don't really have any weird ones? Cheese and marmite I guess but that's quite normal lol. I am also partial to raspberry vodka and fanta if that counts as one haha

Got to be @Maddog I think. Truth or dare? And someone else can think of the question/dare, I can't be bothered :D


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Biggest weakness with fireworks
Selection boxes, every time.

If I'm planning a proper stash and know I need xyz for £XXX budget, I'm not too bad. Will shop around, make a plan and stick to it.

Trouble starts when I see all the little boxes, with their pretty pretty packaging. Even when I know they are Fudge Berries! I just... want them. Don't even light half of them, I just like having them. I've contemplated hunting down some vintage standard boxes from when I was little but I feel that would be a slippery slope to financial ruin for me to start on

I'm tagging @Jezzadw