Traditional Outdoor Lit Figures

Cheshire Pyro

Peasant the 2nd
Well I thought I'd post here as I received a notification invitation from a moderator to post in the Christmas section. We like our xmas lights in our house ... Its not just fireworks :D

Don't see many of these type of decorations anymore ... As in the below picture:


Just to clarify I got the above image off the internet - its not my own.

You don't see many of those sort of lights about these days which I think is a shame. We have some and I think the benefit is that they look good as decorations during the day whilst unlit too.


Peasant the 1st
Oooh, I love Christmas!
I recently bought this vintage blow-mold Noel candle on ebay from America. I converted it to LED bulbs. Originally only the yellow flame lit up but I have mounted two bulbs inside the red candle part too. It's in great condition and I can't wait to display it at the beginning of December.