Tnt Fireworks 2016

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Should get some nice debate out of this, what are peoples opinions on this brand?
Personally, i think they've slid downhill since the CE regulations, i've had several non fires from their boxes, and the cakes and rockets have always seemed to be very poor value. However, their old spec boxes are very good, as are the cakes when they're cheap enough, and even their newer boxes have good variety in them. They're definitely a swings and roundabouts brand lol

One thing i feel i must add, is TNT imo do the best single large fountains on the market. Generally very good value, nice effects, not too much crackle, and they do a good range of strobing fountains which are great for a bit of fun :)
I have to agree with you. Their old spec boxes especially ones like Stardust and Electra are great and especially when you find them on discount at places like Buyology. Their boxes have good variety and better fountains compared to standard boxes. I actually think Standard have improved since the regulations were as TNT are starting to fall behind.