Think of your neighbour this bonfire season!


Sovereign the 6th
The other week I was reading letters to the editor, In my local newspaper (Yes I have started to read newspapers), And there was one article that caught my eye. Of this Edely Man, world war 2 veteran who suffered major flashbacks one night over His Neighbours setting off fireworks.

I would like to raise a question, If your planning fireworks why cannot one think to let the elderly know and or people who pets, Dogs especially.

It becomes a problem when you live on a tight street where people get to know each other, So today I was reading other articles to respond over this firework furor.

This is leading to a long term action that eventually No one will be able to buy fireworks and only fireworks display organizers will be the ones placing a show each season.

So i put this to you all this season, If you have naghbours with dogs, any elderly Neighbour living near you and you think it may affect them, it's common courtesy to let them now a week before you plan setting off your fireworks. It keeps everyone happy Plus other things.


Esquire the 2nd
Just to play devels advocate though, isn't it a given that on November 5th/around this date fireworks will be going off. If someone is ignoarant enough to let their, dog, cat, budgie or goldfish out on BFN then shouldn't they live with the consquences. Chances are if you tell them then they will forget anyway. In my area the whole week around bfn sounds like beirut so eve if you tell them, the other 99% won't. Its interesting considering the dog owners would still let their ogs bark at unsociable hours for the other 364 days of the year.
Sorry I won't say anynore, as if I carry on this culd get controversial!
I think most people buying fireworks will set them off on the 5th nov and that's to be expected. Of course some will light their pyro days before or after for various reasons, but as long its at a reasonable time, early evening say ,there shouldn't be any complaints.
The problem today I think is the advent of bigger performing stuff available to buy, war hawks, godfathers, etc. There are going to be some, there always are, that light pyro in back gardens, where there is not really enough space. Its a matter of time before we get some bad news stories and more restrictions are brought in. I light stuff in the garden ,but bigger cakes and rockets , I go somewhere where I know its safer.
So I urge everybody ,buy what you know you can light and enjoy safely and hopefully we can enjoy the pyro we buy today for years to come.


Sovereign the 6th
To be honest yes I agree with everything, but then yet if you tell them a week beforehand, then they have no excuse. But don't forget some elderly (no disrespect) Do get forgetful.

I have to agree with the on going dispute with pet owners, I cannot understand How they can feel for a dog depression over the loud bang the fireworks bring, when they let their dog bark all night. Trust me I have a flee bag who lives around the corner from me. Quite annoying. - But then again, its just giving the heads up common courtesy to just let them know a week or 2 before you set them off.

This article that no point that was way before bonfire night, I believe the neighbour was setting them off for a birthday party or something along those lines.


Sovereign the 6th
Rich said:
Ueah out of season stuff, should certainly be communicated
Yeah that's why it carries so much uproar. I think most people know now what to expect on bonfire night. But still I like to let my neighbours know what's happening just in case..


Esquire the 5th
tbh regardless of thinking of neighbours if you dont do a display another neighbour will the best you can do is inform any neighbours your planning to let of fireworks and thats it

i did it with our flat last year communial garden said to the 3 neighbours invited them along also and well everyone enjoyed it and we had a good night of it