The 'what Fireworks I Have Purchased Today' Thread 2018

Highly recommend cosmic god of thunder 20 shot cake being sold in stoke for £6 pounds it’s a cat 3 and has 240g nec bargain for the
Who's selling it in Stoke for £6....I may have reason to go to Stoke in the next 2 or 3 weeks :D

All I can find is retailers offering it from £9.50 to £15, it's £16 RRP from what I can see...


Esquire the 5th
Proton Bomb is loud and good value if you get it under £20. Its loud with big breaks, its 1.3G so not everywhere will stock it.
Having said all that, it's not as loud as it used to be, its changed a few times since it was a Panda Earth Shaker with pure flash reports ;)

Damm your giving me memories here all The old panda and menshun stuff was top notch