The Thought of asda selling weco


Sovereign the 6th
Now just imagine the small supermarkets, selling tnt, and then the mega stores selling weco.....

If they are doing 2 diffrent brands, then its makes you wounder if they have done some dence research....


Sovereign the 6th
I don't think epic would sell to supermarkets but saying that epic could always ask for the full rrp


Esquire the 2nd
You're dreaming lads. Never gonna happen. Asda is owned by wallmart so weco is probably miles down the pecking order. More likely to be Standard.


Esquire the 4th
To be fair, the Deep Space shot tubes they sold last year for £5 were good. I didn't think much of the Star Struck selection box but what can you expect for a fiver.

The Shooting Star rockets even though they were only 3 quid were a pile of shite....i never bought any of the bigger stuff so I've no idea what it was like but going on what I've read elsewhere, they were a pile of shite also.