Information Supermarket Halloween Faq And Guide - Read Before Buying

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Oct 6, 2012
Halloween traditionally celebrated in the UK, and the USA even other countries annually on the 31st of October. If you are new to Halloween here are some guides to Halloween deals and what you need to know when preparing for Halloween.

First let us explain a brief history of Halloween, It is the knowledge that it's a time of a bridge between the spirit world and the real world. If you believe in folklore, The ancient Celtics would dance around a bonfire dressed in animal bones and skin to ward of evil spirits.

It doesn't take much to imagine from then to now how adults and children in present times dress in costumes to ward off evil spirits, Halloween is believed to originated in Ireland. Scotland was the first area to pick up the tradition, soon as there was a Scottish/Irish migration to America, it was over time that the U.S.A turned it into a commercial tradition and the long lost dancing around bonfires in animal skin and bones was lost.

Recently and even though Halloween was originated in the UK, It has taken its time to become popular in recent times to that at least 20 plus years ago.

Welcome to the Supermarket Halloween Guide, In this article we will answer the most asked question with our handy FAQ and give you some tips when on a budget. Seasonal Traditions Are always here to help and support Halloween enthusiasts on all levels, and that is including all the other seasons.

What you need to know when buying Halloween Costumes
With recent news over fancy dress costumes not being safe, it is rightly so you are concerned. So here are our top tips when buying fancy dress Halloween costumes.

  • Always check out the labels, It should contain the manufacturer contact details address, phone number and the registered trademark.
  • The tags should be accompanied with instructions and safety advice.
  • Another and best way to check out to see if the costume is safe is to browse the TSI recalls website Product recalls - Trading Standards Institute
  • If you buy online all this information should be in the description part of all products, and if you are still not sure contact the company you are buying from.
This goes same for all other Halloween props makeup check out labels and if you still unsure contact the company you are buying from.

When do Halloween costumes go on sale at Supermarkets?

You can usually find Halloween costumes on sale in most supermarkets such as Asda Tesco, from the middle of September, depending on the floor staff jobs they usually do come out soon as all the summer/gardening sales have been sold.

What Fancy Dress Costume should I buy?

let your imagination run wild. Halloween costumes do not have to be scary they can be funny. but this is entirely up to you and your personality when deciding to buy Halloween costumes. On the contrary, nothing is too offensive or racist. when it comes to costumes it is all down to the imagination.

Are Halloween Pumpkins Edible

Pumpkins from supermarkets are edible, they are marked with best used by date, Pumpkins are really good for you here are a list of vitamins contained in them.

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Pantothenic Acid
They can be turned into lovely recipes if one is very handy at cooking.

Has Halloween always been on the 31st

Yes, halloween has always been on the 31st of October, originally was celebrated on or about 31 October – 1 November. The date is fixed and we will never see it on any other dates, Ever.

Are Supermarkets open on Halloween

Yes, all supermarkets have normal opening hours for Halloween. unless stated otherwise for any other reason. You will in the future always see normal hours.

What supermarkets Prepare for Halloween

You will always find the latest supermarkets, DIY stores, discount warehouses, corner shops and other major consumer retailers below this FAQ and Guide. Supermarket Halloween | Seasonal Holidays Forum The top UK Halloween giants are Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys followed up by Lidl and Aldi.

Remember to check out our website. Halloween Traditions - Bringing Back All Hallows Eve part of seasonal traditions.
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