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Supermarket Halloween Ales 2017

Discussion in 'Supermarket Halloween' started by FireworksDude86, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. FireworksDude86


    Noble the 3rd

    Halloween is always a great time for that seasonal tipple of unique novelty ales which capture that taste of a dark, spooky evening.

    A lot of the supermarket seasonal ales are not that well advertised so I though I would start up this thread. Pictures will follow eventually but this is what I have seen so far:

    Aldi -

    Hobgoblin gold - £1.29 (Normal Hobgoblin gold but with the "unofficial beer of Halloween" plastic wrap branding over it)

    (Hopefully this year they will have the Hobgoblin steak crisps again)

    Morrisons -

    Wychwood Pumpking

    and 1 other I don't quite remember the name of.

    *All 3 of these ales at Morrison's were on the shelf near the real ale, no prices on the front and I was in too much of a rush to ask*
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  2. FireworksDude86


    Noble the 3rd

    Disappointed by Morrison's. No individual halloween ale bay, no black witch (wychood) or blonde witch. Just price hikes for mostly mediocre Halloween ales.

    Even pumpking is £1.25 there this year :O.

    Went to Lidl and no Halloween ales yet. Will check out Aldi by end of week

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  3. FireworksDude86


    Noble the 3rd

    Last post on this thread as it looks like we are not going to get many more offerings.

    Aldi do have "Dunkel fester" (https://www.aldi.co.uk/wychwood-dunkel-fester/p/068163020501800) £1.29 a bottle which isn't bad for 4.4% (sad to see the price has gone up this year though). They are also selling hobgoblin and hobgoblin gold crisps (£1.19 for a 120g bag. Another price increase compared to other years). A good deal there, while not specifically Halloween is the 12 ale box (wychwood) for £13.99. Very good deal IMO.

    Other supermarkets I checked such as Tesco only have the typical hobgoblin and hobgoblin gold in the "unofficial beer of halloween" plastic wrapping. Lidl are a no show with Halloween ales as of yet (checked yesterday), but I expect them to have Wychwood pumpking for 99p or £1.19 a bottle.

    Keep your eyes peeled for "Old spirited hen" by Morland brewery. Ideal for both Halloween and fireworks night. Quite a nice toffee apple style ale.
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  4. FireworksDude86


    Noble the 3rd

    Just an added heads up....

    Morrisons have now reduced their Halloween ales. Pumpking and Gangly ghoul to £1 a bottle. (The shipyard Halloween ale is still the same price).

    Lidl - No show really as before regarding fair priced Halloween beers, however they do have bottles of a Saddlers ale (Warlocks brew? Something like that anyway). Priced around £1.49 for a 500ml bottle which is a total ripoff.