Supermarket Fireworks


Esquire the 2nd

I would almost certainly choose a dedicated supplier oer a supermarket however some of the deals in supermarkets for the smaller fireworks (my warm up ones) can be good.

I think some people don't have a lot of choice due to location they have to choose a seasonal supplier.


Sovereign the 6th

People buy firework form supermarkets for number of reasons.

Some people tend to buy just for the novelty like the pumpking fountain,
Mainly people tend to buy for the little ones.

Some people buy because its cheaper, and sometimes because they cannot get to a all season firework shop.
Some supermarket fireworks can be very good. The majority are rubbish and hellishly overpriced, yes, but there are always some hidden gems in at least one supermarket. In the past I have only gone to supermarkets - my local suppliers would sell the same stock at triple the price, although recently I have travelled further to specialist shops which have some nice deals and better, more impressive items.


Wizard the 2nd
Well my reasons are because supermarkets are much cheaper on the specific items i choose and because they make good fillers to the display. I would be very surprised if a retailer could match the value of the Fire Fight pack from Aldi for 5 pound. On the other hand i always get a good amount of pyro from retailers before hitting the supermarkets.


Esquire the 5th
some items are so cheap and really fit in this economy some peoples wallets which in my eyes you just can't argue about as pyro is for everyone


Noble the 1st
Wee Jock the holy pyro nutter! said:
some items are so cheap and really fit in this economy some peoples wallets which in my eyes you just can't argue about as pyro is for everyone
But when you get a load of crappy fireworks from a supermarket, fireworks are no longer special and that ruins the fun
i suspect most people buy from supermarkets because they are there in your face.

as for being cheap ,yeah you can get a cheap £5 box,cheaper than a pack of fags ,,for a bit of fun, but then things turn shady. last year the £10 solar frenzy box morrisons,was without a doubt THE worst box of fireworks ive ever had,and ive been buying fireworks for 25 years.

lidl has proved you can get good stuff at good prices from supermarkets,but it is the exception.a few years back you could get decent stuff ,i had a great box of standard fireworks about 5 years back from sainsburys ,not since.

supermarkets bring fireworks to the get good fireworks ,the people have to travel and seek , and for a lot of them ,thats too much to ask.


Wizard the 2nd
I think its pretty obvious that you get much better pyro from retailers than you do from supermarkets but not everyone has a budget thats 300, 500 or more. I know i would personally not walk into a retailer and say my budget was 30 pound just not something i would do lol. I'd much rather go to lidl and get a few cyber boxes and cakes which in all honesty is probably more than you would get from a retailer with that budget.

Basically i think alot also comes down to budget!
Firework Empire said:
Im interested to know why people buy fireworks from a supermarket ?
Most people don't spend hours looking at firework videos and when they pick up the weekly shop they grab the nearest box that says "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE". They most likely get home and set the fireworks off and are disappointed, but they forget how disappointed they were by the same time next year and buy the same box again. Fact of life, sorry.
Yes thats what the supermarkets bank on that you forget

its a slow learning cycle takes many years to work it out

There are more links in the chain when it comes to supermarkets each wanting to make a buck

which leaves less money for product quality & content