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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Guy Fawkes night also known as bonfire night or fireworks night, Is when supermarkets, DIY stores, discount warehouses, corner shops and other major consumer retailers start selling fireworks. here are a vast guide and FAQ to supermarket fireworks.

When Do Supermarket Sell Fireworks
The majority of supermarkets and other corner shops legally are allowed to sell fireworks from the 15th of October. This being said The likes of Tesco sell fireworks throughout the year and this will be down to holding a firework retailers license.

ST is here to help on all levels for the ones who love fireworks, This means, it doesn't matter if you have £10, £20 £30 or even £40 to spend, there is always a bargain out there, just ask in chat or on the threads. No question is too silly.

We have all been there, the forums have given unbiased answers since 2007. if you have searched this forum for supermarkets fireworks that are on offer, then this guide is a good read. Remember if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.:)

Where Can I find Supermarket Fireworks leaflets?
Firstly you will always find a supermarket leaflets on this board. No shop is too big or small for us to accomplish this. Mostly all supermarket threads have leaflet by the time October season reaches us.

You can also find firework leaflets from the supermarket in question, they usually place them on their kiosks or fireworks counters situated near the main entrances.

Do You Offer An Individual Supermarket Firework Reviews?
Yes, we do, our local section can be found in the main supermarket firework forum. These are local and to express what local area has and has not sold firework over a period of time.

Mostly nationwide content such as what will be on sale from the given supermarket can be found under this guide. members of ST from time to time place their own opinionated review on fireworks from supermarkets and these can be found here Video and Picture Showcase - Firework Review | Seasonal Holidays Forum

What Fireworks Brands Does supermarket Sell?

This depends year on year, Some supermarkets stick the one brand while others on the odd occasion mix brands and or keep to one brand for a few years and change to another for a while.

Lidl Fireworks Brands
They have sold weco over a few years period but have resulted back to TNT. Each year can be different so it is worth checking to double make sure they are selling the brand.

The Range Fireworks brands
They have sold Brightstar and fireworks international, But the have the potential to keep to one brand, This chain is worth a look for a good bargain.

Sima Warehouse Fireworks brands
All Brightstar brand, They do a nice BOGOF offer and then come closer to the following year sell at half price items, They do have some interesting pieces on offers, another store to keep a good eye out on.

Morrisons Fireworks brands
We have seen over the years, Cosmic been on sale, But recently Morrison's have stuck with Night star. they are an ok purchase, but keep a more open mind and browse the forum for best deals.

Latif's Fireworks brands
They have over a few years sold DND Fireworks and Brightstar, currently will be offering brothers pyrotechnics, A good brand and worth checking out, also with recent news, they are offering Celtic fireworks on their branches.

Aldi Fireworks brands
For a while have sold TNT, it might be worth checking out comments and seeing what is worth buying.

One stop shop Fireworks brands
can be an ok brand to buy, but also can get expensive with one stop, I would suggest you browse around and see what is worth buying.

B&Q Fireworks brands
We have seen for a while sold Standard Fireworks, then recently stocked only a few weco fireworks items and star jigsaw. These are good brands and should be worth time and effort to see what is sold from these brands.

Tesco Fireworks brands
Mainly and only sold Standard Fireworks, as this brand is their best contracting choice according to Tesco. Their out of season items are slightly pricey, but when the season kicks in they tend to choose a nice mid and low price items for the brochures.

Homebase fireworks brands
Sold Standard fireworks for a while with BOGOF deals. Tend to be rather overpriced but they could pull out a different line.

Asda Fireworks brands
TNT brand every year, some nice items buried in their range most years, always worth having a look at what they have

Chaplin's Superstores Fireworks brands
Have sold a wide range of brands over the last few years including BrightStar, Fireworks International, Cosmic Fireworks, and Brothers, always 25% off RRP. Recently they have also stocked selected Benwell products at very discounted prices. They also have had quite a lot of old spec items in the past, however their stock of these has been limited recently, but they are really worth picking up if they have any. Always one to watch.

Can I Find Supermarkets Fireworks Vouchers and other Discounts?
Yes, mostly supermarket fireworks vouchers and promotions can be found on various online sources and newspapers, Members here do tend to post up any promotions that are flying around. Keep checking back here.

What Is An Ideal Budget For Supermarket Fireworks
Any fireworks purchases under £60 is an ideal spend, that being said, It is always worth exploring your local dedicated firework retailer, they can offer promotions on mostly all their stock and have a more wide variety of firework then that of a supermarket.

If you wish to explore further on a dedicated firework shop then you can ask any question in our general fireworks talk page here General Firework Talk | Seasonal Holidays Forum, post up any questions that may arise when buying fireworks for the first time.

Why not post up your budget and one of ST members will be more than happy to help out in any way they can.

Where Can I Find A List of Dedicated Firework Shops?
We offer 4 ways for you to find firework shops, our sponsors banners are dotted around the ST network.

Always look in the sponsor section to see if you can afford any deals and delivery here Fireworks Sponsors Latest News and Offerings | Seasonal Holidays Forum it may be worth reading over this Information - Finding The Best Deals When Buying Fireworks Guide And Faq | Seasonal Holidays Forum

You can visit our branch site that offers a Dedicated Fireworks Directory here Find UK Fireworks For Sale Online Near You 2016 and our best android app Download PyroHub App - Get Ready For Bonfire Night this offers over 160 fireworks company's up and down the UK.


Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Local Supermarket Fireworks is the new and exciting long term project. Our aim is to allow members of the public and users a chance to search their local store that sell fireworks for the bonfire night season and new years.

The long term is to bring awareness to the masses and to ease up on a search through hundreds of posts at one given time seeking to see if there local have fireworks. Because as we know over the many years we have centralized supermarket fireworks, we see so many people stating and asking if fireworks are in their local.

Seasonal Traditions also know this new project is a massive undertaking job. this is why we are asking the masses yourself, the users, everyone who like fireworks to help make this project a success.

How to Help:
It's literally simple, Soon has you see a post stating the given local supermarkets, DIY stores, discount warehouses and the multiple major retailers has the fireworks out. all you need to do is go to your local store or if you feel very generous a few of your local stores in your vicinity.

For example I live in Solihull west midlands, So when a supermarket in my local area sell fireworks and given what store it is, For example, asda. I have 3 in my area I can easily visit. I would visit these stores, and see or maybe take photos of fireworks that are on offer in that store only. if a store doesn't sell fireworks, then it would be posted along with other stores that don't have the full leaflet range.

These post formats can be anything you like, But please make sure you add the store name and fireworks at the end so everyone clearly understands what they are expecting to see.

Why we are doing this:
We feel that it needs to be done, There are many websites and resources out there expressing similar in different consumer categories and we would like to take this huge challenge and be proud of it. Seasonal Traditions understand not everyone can shop in a firework shop for many different reasons, and we recognize that this step will ensure people get the best value and less stress when shopping for pyro.

Other Seasons:
Seasonal Traditions want to trial run fireworks first out of the seasons, as this is the easiest compared to the likes of Halloween Christmas easter and bbq. We are a year ahead in plans with this new project as soon as we see it working, we will then announce when we will put the other seasons live.

For the supermarkets, DIY stores, discount warehouses and multiple major retailers
Every year Seasonal Traditions and the users send you emails in a hope we can get information on your seasonal stock. In some cases, you have provided us with valuable information and in most cases you have not been able to answer our emails.

If you wish to add your store to our local database and help your buyers in finding your products, please contact one of the admins (Gaz - Rich). and we can take the opportunity from there.

Well while I will wrap this little guide up, I hope you all find it very useful in time. But please be patient it will serve its purpose in time - The new Local Supermarket Fireworks section will go live on 12 of September 2014


S-T Fireworks Guardian
Dec 16, 2013
We all know that this is a free-speech forum (and rightly so), but last year there was quite a lot of slagging off of particular companies in this section of the forum.

Obviously, if you don't like a particular item/area of the company's product range, or you've experienced poor customer service, then of course post it :) It may help a consumer make a better choice and enjoy their fireworks more than they would have done.

But also consider the Seasonal Traditions house rules (Forum Rules And Guidelines | Seasonal Forum)

Try not to be too critical to companies who come on this forum - especially the supermarkets and retailers - if you or someone you know has had a bad experience.

If you need to highlight a problem, Think: was it you who had the problem? Or was it the item in question? By all means, you can point out the flaw you had with it. But if you feel the discussion is getting too heated and out of hands, let one of the moderators know, or if possible take your problem to a private conversation.

We are trying to keep threads on mutual ground, they are here to help consumers with their planned choices and not to be hounded with how rubbish it is. Give the consumer an alternative. The aim here is to give them a choice. Point things out and be considerate; just because you know it's not worth buying doesn't mean that the other person does :)

In light of this, and to keep all threads civil and informative, Seasonal Traditions will use a 3-strike system. If you make an inappropriate comment, you will receive one warning, and the post will be removed/moderated. If you make a second inappropriate comment, you will receive a final warning, and the post will again be removed/moderated. If you make a third inappropriate comment, you will receive a ban from the Supermarket section of the forum. Any warnings will be made at the discretion of Seasonal Traditions administrators/moderators and their decision is final.

Enjoy the supermarket forum and happy pyro shopping :)
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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Bonfire Night Traditions, is our special branch site part of the Seasonal Traditions network, This site produces guides and valuable information in regards to fireworks and the Old British Tradition Guy Fawkes night or if you prefer Bonfire Night.

Recently a tool got published, This is the supermarket firework price index, Seasonal Traditions over the last few years did play around with this and found it to be a valuable tool, It allows you sort between previously sold to present fireworks via price year and by supermarket name.

The idea of this tool is to work with like a bridge between this forum and to save you money, this allows you to see a hike and drop in price so you can refine your judgement when it comes to buying supermarket seasonal items.

Like with everything, what we have done so far since moving to Seasonal Traditions, we have optimised for mobile use, and kept the Price index tool update with a huge list so you can use without much hassle.

If you like the tool and it has helped you buy fireworks, please share it among your family and friends, and with that in mind, if you have any feedback for this tool please contact @Gaz or @Rich

Tool URL:
Supermarket Fireworks 2016


Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Just an update, We have revised our guide to supermarkets on the OP.
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