Supermarket Christmas Beers 2017

A follow up to the Halloween post.....

Here's what I spotted so far:


Greene king 6% "festive pudding ale" - tried it last year, very nice and festive.

Wychwood bah humbug 5.2% - comes out every year. Definitely has a festive cinnamon style taste.

Moorland old mulled hen 5% - new this year I believe.

All £1.50 per bottle.


Nothing as such but there is a mulled cider. 500ml Alska bottle for £1.49. Not bad I guess.

Likely at some point the Morrison's festive beers will drop in price (as they did with Halloween).

Will update if I spot any others
While not supermarket:

£42.99 for the 24x 330ml bottles. Beer advent calendars are pricey for what they are (but the fun is the novelty).

The reason I mention it is because Morrison's have introduced a 24x 275 and 330ml bottle calendar. However the bottles at Morrison's are typically beers we experience all year round that are often on promotion at a much cheaper price.

For £12.99 more you get 24 330ml bottles that are never available here. They have varying ABV's up to 8.1% and each beer will likely be a 1 off in this country. Much more exciting advent calendar than the Morrison's 1.

So if opting for the Morrison's calendar, this 1 is much better and still quite affordable.
Just been to Aldi.

They have "Rocking Rudolph" Christmas ale for £1.29. Not a bad ale but from memory when I tried it the other year, it's nothing too amazing.

Also look out for the "Brasserie" beer packs. Not sure if they are new or not, but I haven't seen them before. They have 6x 250ml bottle pack's of "Blanche" (White/Wheat/Weissbier) and Fruit" (Raspberry/Framboise). Each priced at £3.25 but went through the till at £2.99.

For the price, both are an absolute bargain. Good to stock up for Christmas with either. The white beer is 4.5% and works out at £1 per 500ml (Aldi's own "Weissbier" 500ml is £1.49 a bottle. Franziskaner is another branded popular wheat beer and that's normally on 4 for £6 deals). Just cracked open a bottle with dinner and it tastes pretty decent.

The raspberry beer is only 2.8% but there are very few alternatives in this country (1 they do at supermarkets is a 330ml bottle for around £2)


Personally I just bought:

Absolutely cracking deal (Better than the other calendar deal I posted).

24x 500ml cans of authentic German imported beer (dunkels, pale ales, pilsners and more). None will be sold in this country.

Works out at £1.87 per can. In comparison 500ml bottles of ale at a supermarket average £1.50 a bottle for an equivalent decent beer (on the 4 for £6 deal).

Just got some maths done on this:

Morrison's calendar = 24x 330ml (some 275ml). = £1.94 per 500ml
The other Kalea bottle calendar I posted above = £2.60 per 500ml
This 1 = £1.87 per 500ml.
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Haven't seen many other supermarket offerings yet to do with Christmas beers.

Although, again while not specifically Christmas, I have heard Morrisons have that black Friday deal still of 10L of "Weston's - Old rosie" 7.3% cider for £15. On Westons site its £46.40 for 20L ( I heard it's good combined with ASDA's mulled cider kit (Albeit strong).

The Kalea 24x 500ml can advent calendar came Saturday and I would highly recommend it. Well packed, good designed box. Opened a few cans because I'm not going to be there during 1st few days of December (Haven't tried yet though)


So final post of this kind for this year (it seems).

Firstly a heads up..... Morrison's beer advent calendar down to £15 (half price). I am guessing it will be sold out for most though.

Aldi have a Christmas beer pack in store

Biere Noel. Crap beers..... Not worth the price.

Lidl have no Christmas ales (shame as 3 years ago they did a nice 330ml bottle of hatherwood Christmas version). They do have a mulled cider though. £3.49 for 1l (5.5%) (As well as the £4.99 mulled wine). So not bad.

Missing the shepherd neame "Christmas ale" this year. Over 7% ABV, often sold at Sainsbury's, not this year though.

Oh and if you want to be ripped off royally.... There's M and S. On bulk mail order they have a case of a festive ale (not even that strong) which works out at £2.50 a bottle. Avoid entirely!!!!

If I have time I guess I have 1 more offer to add....