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S-T Fireworks Guardian
Dec 16, 2013
Here is a quick guide on ways to safely store fireworks to minimise any risk of danger to you or your family or to avoid breaking any laws surrounding the storage of fireworks :)

I'll start with the legal side of things, you may only store up to 5kg of Net Explosive Content (the amount of explosive material inside a firework) for an unlimited amount of time. Above this there are restrictions, and these are tighter depending on what type of fireworks you have. There is more information in the 'Fireworks Law' thread, which can be viewed here
If you have any queries regarding storing fireworks, please do make a thread in the 'General Firework Talk' section of the forum and members will be happy to give any advice they can :)

That's the legal stuff done, so i'll start the guide by sorting out a few things. Fireworks do not ever just ignite, there has to be a definite source of ignition such as fire or a spark of some sort. Just being stored in a slightly hot place will not ignite the fireworks. Also, people worry sometimes about the fireworks compound drying out too much. Whilst this could be an issue if you are storing for years before lighting, this is not something you need to worry about. Don't forget fireworks are shipped here from china in a roasting hot shipping container where they sit for months at a time, so sitting in a warm garage for a couple of months will have no effect on them at all.

The location of the fireworks is a hot topic at the moment. Whatever quantity of fireworks you have, it is never advisable to store fireworks inside your house. Where possible, store them in a watertight outbuilding such as a garage or shed, away from things like petrol. However, sometimes this is not possible, because either you don't have a garage or shed (eg you live in an upper floor flat) or these are not watertight/prone to damp. If this is the case, ask family or friends who do have a watertight shed or garage to store them for you. If this, however, is also impossible, and storing in your house is the only option, then don't worry, you can do this safely. Just make sure they are in a cupboard (not an airing cupboard) as far away any hazards such as cookers/boilers as possible. Never store fireworks under your bed, this is a recipe for disaster.

Wherever you store your fireworks, it is also advisable to store them inside something. If you have brought your fireworks over the internet, they will be delivered in tough cardboard boxes. The fireworks shouldn't be removed from these for storage. Some fireworks come in a metal 'pyromesh' cage. Again, don't remove the fireworks from these until they are to be used. If you've brought your fireworks from a supermarket, or locally at a fireworks shop, they are unlikely to come in boxes unless they are large cakes. With these, just put them inside a plastic/cardboard box, or in a cupboard or drawer.

If you require any more information about storing fireworks, speak to a specialist firework shop, or make a post in the 'General Firework Talk' section of the forum :)
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