ST Forum Meet 2019

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Esquire the 4th
I already have the Columbia and space barrage mate. You could fire one of those instead and I'll take the Earth Tremor off of you?!?:cool::p And if you fire one of those I'll donate some fireworks to you out of appreciation!:eek::eek::eek:
I’ll set off my Columbia if you donate the Earth Shaker mate :p


Royal Knight the 2nd
What will it be? We all bring and one or two will fire everybody's things rather than all doing things for ourselves and the rest who aren't will sit round with a beer and something to eat? Also for those who are firing will there be a requirement for those firing to bring and wear suitable PPE i.e. fire retardant overalls, hard hat, eye protection, gloves etc while lighting everyone's pyro?


Peasant the 2nd
I would imagine with it not being an actual display and just random stuff being set off throughout the evening then anyone could potentially fire but probably better to select a few that are interested in the firing part of it, also if it won't be a constant display and not stood maybe a meter from the last firework counting tubes ready to fire the next ppe would be at each firers discretion judging on the risks involved.
If your lighting and stepping back to watch them then safety glasses/goggles are more than adequate under these circumstances.
I'm hopefully going to try and organise the fireworks in some way lol, in the interests of knowing where everyone is I think a small number of firers is the best way. Of course I'm happy to break out the rothy myself, I'll crack on with the bevvies a bit later in the evening, so any volunteers to help me are of course very welcome :) I'll do a thread on the details of fireworks nearer the time, we best have some sort of plan behind it else we may well end up with rather a lot to fire :D
Oh and as for ppe, I'll be wearing the @Joe ciabatti style of gear as usual lol. I did have a pair of safety specs a couple years ago but they steamed up so badly they were more of a danger as I kept falling over things Haha, so now I go for the run away technique
Can someone summarise what the plan is with this meet up? Would like to attend, I live in Stourbridge so I’m sure it’ll be very close to me. I’ve got plenty of gear I could bring along!
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