Cosmic Fireworks Space Hawk


Royal Knight the 1st
Never bought a pack myself, never seen them as cheap as War hawks, the effects seem brighter on War Hawks too.

The packaging design is much better though :)


Baronet the 2nd
I had a pack of these last year (and a pack of war hawks). Got them for £12. I have spooks version of Hawks this year which are brand new so I will have to see what there like.


Royal Knight the 3rd
Found these for £9.99 this year. I was very very tempted but left with black gemini's instead as it was a larger pack.


Royal Knight the 1st
I've had these, the brocade spreads out like a huge umbrella of glitter and gold and tentacles fall further as well, slightly more awesome too. ;)


Royal Knight the 3rd
Which version of black gemini?

Hawks of any form are unbeatable!
New spec ones but they are strangely larger pack which is odd for new spec and and large ones in the pack very similar size to the original. Best rockets I have had though have been Cosmic - Cyber Assault. they are slight larger than hawks but the effect last twice as long.