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Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
An excellent insight into much respected member Somerset. Enjoy!

What was your first memory of fireworks?
My first memory of fireworks was when we went to my great-aunts house for bonfire night. Her son is a professional so he said he'd do some fireworks in her back garden. He was lighting them on a wooden picnic table. They were very good fireworks, but by the end the table was black, and was chucked on the bonfire.

What is your favourite brand of fireworks?
That would be a toss up between Brothers and Bright Star/Esco (probably brothers)

What is your favourite firework type?
I like shot tubes, because they are louder and better than rockets in the same price range, but i also like good rockets.

If you had 1k to spend what fireworks would you buy?
2 x Cosmic Jurassic Storm
2 x Galactic Crimson Dynamite
2 x Brothers Airboss 2
Brothers Nuclear Demolition
2 x Brothers Hercules
Mars Pyrotechnics Boneshaker
4 x Bright Star War Hawks
Jigsaw Rocket Volley
Royal Party king rocket box
Standard Firestorm Pack
Royal Party Supreme 12

Home display or public display? and why?
Home display, it is more exciting having your own, you can control exactly what happens and when, plus there is no queue for food, no one pushing in front of you so you can't see, and you can sit down.

What's your excuse when the wife/missus/parents/cat etc quizzes how much you spend on pyro?
It was a charity fireworks shop

What is the one firework you buy each year and why?
There isn't really one in particular, because there are so many great fireworks out there, and it's nice to have some variety. But we do always have at least one large fountain, as it gives a nice duration for reasonably low cost

If you owned a firework company or shop what would you name it?
Probably Somerset Pyrotechnics

What would your advice be to people who have decided to buy their first ever fireworks?
Go for something reasonably small at first, maybe a selection box and some rockets and cakes from a supermarket on a budget of around £60, then go bigger the next year

Dedicated retailers or seasonal/supermarkets? and why?
We usually use the seasonals/supermarkets because we normally operate on a lower budget, but if we had more cash to spend, then definitely a specialist because they know their products and you will come away with some really good pyro.

If you were synchronizing your display to music, what music would you use?
Any Avicii track, they have a nice beat for synchronising to

Lastly, tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I am a massive cricket fan. I'm a member at somerset county cricket club and i watch as many home games as i can.
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