Some Fireworks Could Disappear Altogether After This Year (not Good At All)

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Royal Knight the 3rd
Feb 13, 2013
Because of the EU Pyrotechnic Directive, anything like large wheels and setpieces with exposed fuse COULD disappear altogether after this year along with large single ignition fireworks and other items, but the UK industry is to fight this, the EU are killjoys, they think "the larger the firework, the bigger the hazard" but if I was using a large single ignition firework, it's the convenience element that people would lose out on because you don't even need to stake them, just open the cardboard lid and tear, place on a flat level surface light step back 25 metres (or 15 metres) and enjoy. There are measures going thru to try and combat this nonsense, but whether these have any effect remains to be be seen, fingers crossed, the UK firework industry WILL WIN and stop this unnecessary meddling by the EU. ;)