Planet Fireworks Sky Burst


Not sure about this pack of 6:

On the Planet fireworks website they sell for about £22... almost £4 a rocket :O... but probably can be bought cheaper elsewhere.

Launched the second of my pack earlier tonight. Personally I find the bang the launch woosh to be the same as cheap supermarket rockets with not much of a tail in the sky. The bang is a lot louder than what you find with supermarket rockets and the burst is 3 or 4 times bigger than the cheapest.

Supermarket rockets range from 50p-£1 each in a pack. In comparison, for the louder bang and bigger burst, these Sky Burst rockets are probably not worth it at the nearly £4 each RRP price.
These rockets are okay, i've seen the vid of all six of them.
However, they are nothing compared to war hawks, or even the brothers astro blaster. So at retail, these aren't very good.
However, if you can get them for about £15, they should be worth a punt
My local specialist sells these, 4 years ago they were about £21 and on b.o.g.o.f. They are now £21.99 and come with another pack that sells for £9.99 free. You also get the sky burst free with a planet selection box costing £44.99