Kimbolton Fireworks Silver

A 17 piece selection box, containing 2 mines, 4 candles, 1 wheel and 10 fountains. Feels really good quality it has to be said, and a good high NEC too :) Advertised as a "low noise box - no whistles" by the manufacturer

RRP: £27.50
Safety Distance: 8m
NEC: 375g

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Baronet the1st
Nothing wrong with an upgrade mate, i'd have done the same if I could afford to :D
I'm doing a separate mini display for my family a week on Tuesday (weather permitting) and originally I had the Bonfire Star box. But I realised the Kimbolton box would be great even as a standalone. I think they'll appreciate the enhanced colours too. Rest of the rabble on BFN just want big bangs ;)