Show Us Your Leftovers!


Royal Knight the 1st
Here's some leftovers i've got :
5xpackets Standard Diamond Sparklers (CE Cat 1 BS-EN 15947:2010 compliant)
5xpackets Standard Sparklers (BS 7114 : Part 2 : 1988 compliant)
2xpackets Bright Star Mammoth Sparklers (One is BS 7114 : Part 2 : 1988 compliant, the other is CE Cat 1 BS-EN 15947:2010 compliant)
Packet Of Star Jigsaw Giant Sparklers (CE Cat 1 BS-EN 15947 : 2010 compliant)
Packet Of Standard Platinum Sparklers (CE Cat 1 BS-EN 15947:2010 compliant)
3xTNT Big Spinny Wheels (BS7114 : Part 2 : 1988 compliant)
Bright Star Saxon Wheel (CE Cat 2 BS-EN 15947 : 2010 compliant)


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Wizard the 4th
That should be it, unless there is any more hiding away somewhere!

I don't think i'll even need to buy any this year haha :)
I can't get to mine for pic at the mo. But mine is much as the above. Off the top of my head new fire weco box, couple bright star monster boxes, couple oriental stars, a collection of loose catherine wheels, shot tubes and fountains in a tin lol.

Wish I had some gothic lights :( won't be able to get them this year