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A lot of people round bonfire night and sometimes at various times of the year, tend to get a selection box or two than buy lots of single fireworks;it can be an easy way to buy your fireworks if you don't want too much in the way of cost.

The current dying British Standard 7114 has two types of selection box, namely;

1. Garden Fireworks: these are the smaller type selection box fireworks which are suitable for a small to medium back garden and generally have a spectator safety distance of 5m away.

2. Display Fireworks: are the often the bigger selection boxes with bigger better items in, and from midrange selections upward may also contain a selection of garden fireworks as well. These need a much bigger spectator safety distance of 25m away. Big gardens and open fields are more suitable spaces for these fireworks, not small to medium back gardens.

There are also some very very good European Standard CE selection boxes available which may contain 8m fireworks, or 15m fireworks or 25m fireworks, or in some cases a mixture of all three types in the much bigger packs and display kits.

The quality standard and performance of selection box fireworks often does vary with price;smaller boxes tend to have much repetition of items, while midrange to larger boxes often have a much much bigger variety of fireworks, the bigger boxes are often better value with a bigger selection and variety of fireworks.

If all you want is something simple for kids then a small to medium size selection box will be all you need, however if you are entertaining a much bigger garden crowd then a bigger selection box will suffice, however whatever you get must be matched to your firing space;

a) small gardens and backyards are best suited to smaller 5 metre BS7114 selection boxes and European Standard 8m selection boxes, and smaller multi-packs of fireworks,

b) larger gardens and open spaces can easily take the much larger 15m/25m European Standard fireworks and the dying 25m BS7114 Display Fireworks selection boxes packs and separates.

Don't fire the bigger more powerful fireworks in larger boxes and packs in small back gardens - it could cause an accident if people are too close or if one suddenly malfunctioned and misfired on your spectators.

On the other hand if you have smaller Cat 3 25m selection box fireworks and small Cat3 pack fireworks that are ridiculously tame at 25 metres (some of the Epic stuff fits in this "between two stools" category, too tame for 25 metres but equally slightly pokey for 5 metres)-then as long as they are used more than 5 metres away say 8-12 metres (preferably more if possible) and common sense is followed there should not be a problem generally. :)

N.B Some bigger 8m metre fireworks under the European Standard (that may come in the bigger selection boxes and packs) are ridiculously powerful at 8m away and in that sense, are unsuitable for a small for medium back garden and should not be used at shorter distances away.
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@AnthonyUKpyro whilst the vast majority of information in this guide is very good and very useful to buyers, all the bold/block capitals/underlining is unnecessary. Guides are meant to be just that, a guide. The above give the impression of telling people what to do, which many dislike