Seasonal Traditions What To Expect From Us

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Over the month and a half, we have changed the way we have traditionally done things. Such has we have combined a few threads and posts to reflect on where seasonal traditions is going.

Our main blog has changed, we initially were going to do the posts purely on just seasonal content and while this was ok, we needed to express a wider audience.

Since February 2016, we started to post general and special buys items from other supermarkets, such as weekly promotions and such forth.

This has led the blog forward nicely and I hope it continues its journey. The forum has stayed the same for discussions since we are a consumer forum.

It would be fit in the near future to open up to other general seasonal chats. this will commence as soon as we have more active members.

The ultimate purpose of this announcement is to clear the air on any questions people are hesitant to ask. I have noticed since Christmas we have had loads of guest visit the forum.

Our aim is to help, we ask people to sign up and chat on a regular basis.

I hope this thread has cleared the air on some thoughts about seasonal traditions, and I hope we can build on to an already fantastic community.