Seasonal Firework Shops;is The 15th October-10th November Sales Window Law-binding Or Not?

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Royal Knight the 3rd
Feb 13, 2013
I have noticed my local seasonal Myster Magic Fireworks in Padiham opens up for business slightly earlier than the law binding legal sales window of 15th October-10th November for seasonal fireworks sellers, in late September (and it won't be long now till they do;seen some activity in the shop recently-probably stocking up and getting ready for the new fireworks season), the only reasoning I can think of for this, is that they may have an all-year licence to trade but open up on request for those wanting fireworks through the year out of season, and open up officially prior to the two main sales periods of three weeks before the fifth of November and few days after, and then close up and re-open up from Boxing Day to close of business on NYE.

Say if a seasonal opened up BEFORE the official date of 15th October (when fireworks go on sale in the law binding sale period on a local authority seasonal explosives licence), would those seasonal retailers THEN be breaking the law by so doing?

Long before the laws were tightened up on sales periods for fireworks and became a law-enforced thing, it was only by "gentleman's agreement" that this OFFICIAL sale period would be stuck to, and it didn't really matter as it wasn't law enforced or controlled because if you did, then there was nothing in law to prevent you or stop you otherwise. ;)

If seasonal outlets on a seasonal licence did open up before the official sales windows and trade in fireworks, what would happen? Refusal to further license those premises to sell fireworks? Licences revoked? Fines? Prison sentences?


S-T Fireworks Guardian
Dec 16, 2013
Simple, if the shop has an all-year license then they can trade at any time they wish, if they don't and still operate before october 15th then they are breaking the law
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