Saying hello

Would like to say hello to everyone. My name is Pam and I hope to get aquanted with everybody.
Hi Pam I am Francoise, from Mons, Belgium - My native language is French but I hope my English is not too bad. Where are you from ? I like to travel and make my holidays in the UK especially since my daughter and her family are living in York. I am making plans and hope to go up soon to pay them a short visit. Hope to hear from you soon !
Hello I am Gergana from Bulgaria, but I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my family. My english is not very good, but thanks God we have google translator :). First, thank you and I am sure I will enjoy here. I adore autumn, with all this colours, and crispy air and alll cosy things, I like winter, snow, and I love love love Christmas. I like spring and summer too. Thank you