Sandal castle haunted House

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
This house is situated on Rutland road Ave just off duke of York Ave near sandle castle Yorkshire.

Every weekend from Friday to Saturday i used to stop at my dads house, I did have the front bedroom, it was small it could only hold a bed and my toy box, The bed was placed on the wall facing the neighbors, and i used to have it come from the front window, and for about 7 months solid each and every time i used to stop there, they were three white shadowed faces on the wall, Now as you can guess when your 8 and you don't know what things are it freaked me to high hell,

These faces were a king, a princess and the knight, One weekend I built up the courage to try figure out what was causing this on the wall, I told a few mates, and my parents and they was all saying it could have been the patterns of the window nettings.

So this one night, I moved the netting from the window to see if it was the street light shining through, The faces were still there, this seriously get me scared it was the middle of the night, my dad and his new girlfriend was asleep so it wasn't like I could say I want to go home and stay there, that night I stayed downstairs, and left the tv on all night. I told him about it the next day, and even he was so shocked, He swapped the bedrooms around so I only had the backroom. But sadly things didn't stop from there.

My dad was an animal keeper he loved cats, dogs, birds rabbit you name it he tried to have it, well soon after he swapped the room around, a couple of week's passed, He had a cupboard in the living room where he kept all of his VHS tapped films, this one time he set his bird out of the cage so it could have a stretch, well we never noticed before that there was a black hole on the back wall in the cupboard, soon as he opened it the bird flew in and went into that hole, we never saw it again.

I did ask him after the event calmed down, what Was that black hole and he said he asked the council and it used to be a coal hole but they said it was covered up a long time ago, and that the wall should have not collapsed like that. Till this day, I still think of that house and the weird things that happened.