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Royal Knight the 4th
Oct 15, 2013
Hey all,

So on Thursday we had a smallish display of a few items out of the guy fawkes box (Royal Party) along with 2 little stars (Royal Party), macro cosmos 1 (jorge) and finally the garden delights box (TNT/ Asda).

Thought I would post a little review of what I thought of these.

Guy Fawkes Box
I lit everything except the shot tube, the victory salute and the cracker.

I wasnt overly impressed with this really. For the price I paid it was worth it (£8.49) but I feel I would be a bit dissapointed at full price.
-The fountains in the box had some nice effects, but they had short durations.
-Large roman candle, nice bright effects and quite a large number of shots for this type of box.
-9 Shot cake, I was a little dissapointed as I was led to believe this was going to be one of the little stars, however it was 9 bright comets, not what we expected but really nice effect
-Wheel, after lighting the fuse, it burnt out and nothing else happened :( it burnt so far that it couldnt be relit either.
-2x Happiness mines, I was quite shocked at these, they are labeled as fountains but they are actually mini mines, they were a nice addition though.
-Portfire, this was really good qualtity with a long duration too.

Overall I would give this box, at this price point 7/10.

Garden Delights ASDA

For £5 you cant go wrong with this, nice selection of fountains, not too bad on the duration either, some nice effects from one of the roman candles too. Saved the wheel and the mine for BFN so cant comment on them but for £5 its really good.

@ £5= 9/10

Macro Cosmos 1

Really impressive cake for around the £5 mark! 9 large shots and finishes with a really nice strobing effect that actually lasted a while. Really loud for this price point too, can't wait to fire the rest of the jorge range!

At £5= 9/10

Little Stars
Not completely certain of which cakes I fired but I think one was gladiator. These are amazing for their price and size. They are so misleading, they really are tiny, but there effects are massive. One of the two (again think it was gladiator) had a brilliant "willow" effect, looked great.

At £26 for 9= 9/10.

Il hopefully do another review after bonfire night of all the major cakes, cannot wait now :)
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