recomendations for a n00b

hey guys,

wonder if anyone can help, i am a complete n00b when it comes to fireworks and last year just decided to buy some fireworks from tesco last minute. looking into it this year and found this site slating tesco fireworks.

i only have a budget of £30 ish to put on a small 'display' in a reasonable small garden thats reasonably innercity in norwich UK. i would like a mix of stuff and importantly i dont have the time to go hunting round for shops in the city i would prefer to buy online of if someone can say 'xxx sells yyy in norwich then i can head there to buy.

can anyone recommend some stuff to buy? as i said it needs to be a 'display' although that will involve me stepping up and lighting things reasonably individually. I am really the type of person that would spend £30 on a single big rocket, but the wife would kill me if i did that.

thanks for help in advance.. hopefully next year i will have a higher budget.


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Have you got a Lidl nearby? For a display for £30 I would probably go for a Cyber Pack and 2 x Ipanema (total £20) and maybe a Fire Fighter (£9.99) to finish it off.


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Hi mate and welcome to the forum. I think your best option is lidl.
You could get for your budget
3 for £20 deal and 1 ipanema 1 cyber pack and 1 cocktail of rockets.
Then perhaps the firefighter cake for the finish which is 9, 99.
Lol cigar we were on the same wavelength pretty much! :)
awesome, thanks guys there are a couple of lidls in norwich, i will try them when i get a chance.

lol.. 'spectators must be 25m away'
i dont think our garden is half that..


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As this is a public forum, all I can say is that the safety distances are there for a reason. Whether or not you choose to observe the safety distance is another matter. From my experience, a lot of fireworks that were labelled as 25m, I would have personally thought would be fine at 5m. For example, some of the Roman Candle's in the Cyber Box are labelled as 25m yet the Firefighter and Voodoo Star are labelled as 8m. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, Good luck and let us know what you do decide to buy :)


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Spectators must be 25m but it does not state a safety distance for the firer as firers get up close and personal with the fireworks to put on a good show. I know far to many people that don't follow safety distances full stop. I for example wont stand 25m away from a 25m fountain that doesn't need the distance but this obviously is not something that should be done especially if a firework gone wrong.

For example if one goes iffy and does damage any insurance you have wont cover you and you would be up for the damage the firework caused.
If you do choose to light fireworks not acording to there safety distance's which i could not recommend, then make sure you fully kit out on safety gear... Some safety goggles from Home and Bargain less than 2 pound each, and good thick clothing for everyone.


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I have some very poor fireworks on 25m safety where i had 5m which have been twice as big. but ye on the group 25m is where you should be but you can do what you wish at your own risk.

But for a small budget I would try and go to lidl