Reading Books For Christmas


Peasant the 2nd
They say Christmas is a time with family I ha e recently heard of a tradition to spend time with kids on build up to Christmas.

You Get 24 reading books and wrap them individually each night your child gets to pick a book open it and sit and read or look at the book together

This is not only helping child education wise it's spending time with the kids and also getting them interested into books be definatly one on my xmas list this year


Sovereign the 6th
Well, I read to mine every night, come December we always end up with the Christmas stories, my 4-year-old likes night before Christmas. he requests it all the time.


Peasant the 2nd
maybe try charity shops.
1. your helping a charity
2. your recycling
3. be less expensive then a standard shop
4. could always gift back if the child didn't like