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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
No one else can read this apart from your Group: S-T Halloween Guardian. So Why have you been Promoted.

It's simply because you are the eyes and ears of all things pyro, You have been around for awhile and help create content on the forum. If it wasn't for this content the forum wouldn't be here right now.

What can you do future.

Simply keep creating content, telling your family and friends about this website, We want this website as much as you guys and we want to make it big.

Think of it like a war, Seasonal Traditions is a castle. you are the knights to help defend and make this castle strong and withstand attacks. You jobs are to ride out and help find new users by given them a reason to join.

We are not savages there is more to this than meeting the eye. We cover many topics on this website and we need to identify you users who help promote that.

You have your jobs, you have your weapons, Please Enjoy it. You never know, you may find out what's above been a guardian if you keep on searching!.